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Dressing For Cold Weather Cycling

The most important factor to remember is: layers. Layered clothing will have a much better impact on your body temperature than fewer thicker layers. Layering enables you to have the correct types of fabric for the various functions they need to perform such as waterproofing, heat retention, etc. Layering also provides extra invisible layers of trapped air which help to insulate the body much better than any fabric.Tops
When layering up for cold weather its best to start with a close fitting thermal vest that will wick away moisture but also keep you warm by trapping air close to the body. Secondly is a lighter fitting top that will act as a barrier between your waterproof and the warm inner lining of your vest. The third layer would ideally be a waterproof of some kind. this need to protect not only from above where rain will be piling down but also from below as mud and water is thrown up from the wheels and puddles as you race along on your bike.Bottoms
Even in cold weather some keen cyclists will insist on wearing shorts as it provides much greater range of motion and even in cold weather it’s amazing how warm your legs will stay. If you are going to use cycling shorts though then it’s best to go for a thicker fabric with multiple layers. There are specialised winter shorts in both closer fitting lycra and baggy varieties dependent on your style. It’s generally more comfortable to go for full length or 3/4 length cycling bottoms but if going for full length then it’s always best to go for something with close fitting ankles to ensure they don’t get caught up in the chain during riding.Head
It’s possible to buy woollen and mixed hats for use under cycle helmets that will help to keep the head and ears warm which are vital when going at speed. There’s nothing worse than frosty ears stinging away while you’re trying to ride difficult terrain. For very cold weather then it may be necessary to wear a full face mask as most people will get a very runny nose during the trek and it can be uncomfortable having to sniffle all the time.Hands
Even moderately cold weather will require a good pair of closed finger cycle gloves. Many cyclists will add an extra pair of warm cotton under gloves beneath their main gloves to add an extra layer. the hands get the full brunt of cold air and a reduced circulation of blood. Its been known for less experienced cyclists to get bad frost bite in their fingers during winter rides.When cycling during winter you have to be much more careful and its worth considering your whole biking itinerary from clothing to spares and repairs. Winter cycling puts a lot more stress on your body and your bike so on your first trip out it may be worth taking it cautiously and close to home just to get an idea of the risks involved. For the experienced cyclist you can never overestimate the dangers involved. But don’t let the risks put you off because winter cycling is one of the best, most exhilarating adventures you can have on your bike.